Back Pain

Don't Let Back Pain Hinder Your Life

Many Americans report that they have experienced back pain, especially lower back pain, at some point or another in their lives. Whether it is from an injury or just daily life, it can reduce your productivity throughout the day. That nagging pain in your back is all you will be thinking about if it stays with you. It can even prevent you from being as social as you once were since it is negatively affecting your body so much. Fortunately, there is always chiropractic care that can help you with your pain.  Dr. Dover and Dr. Kellerman, chiropractors at Waldo Wellness Group in Kansas City, MO, our experienced experts in treating lower back pain and have the right resources and knowledge to help you alleviate your back pain and other ailments that are affecting your back.

Back Pain

The Different Types of Back Pain

There are various types of back pain that people experience. Chronic pain and acute pain are different types of discomfort that people may feel. Chronic pain happens gradually over time, whereas acute pain typically occurs from an injury. The back is also divided up into various areas: the upper, middle, and lower back. There are various types of conditions that can affect these areas of the back. Regardless of the type of pain that is affecting you, failing to seek treatment can be detrimental to your spinal health.

Causes of Back Pain

There are various types of accidents that can cause back pain and other types of discomfort to your back.

    • Many people practice poor posture, which can lead to developing back pain in the future.
    • People often get injured and experience severe back pain after an injury. It can affect multiple areas of the back depending on where the injury took place.
    • Muscle strain can occur if you have been exercising vigorously and accidentally hurt yourself. 
    • Various conditions like degenerative disc disease and arthritis can cause pain in your back.

How a Chiropractor Can Help You

Seeking help from a chiropractic doctor can help you overcome your back pain problems. Chiropractors utilize special techniques called adjustments that can help bring about balance and correction in the spine. This correction of balance will help reduce pain, stop inflammation, restore motion to fixated and misaligned joints, and improve your general well-being. A chiropractor is a licensed professional who knows the best way to help you recover and may also offer guidance on how to protect your back in the future. Dr. Kellerman and Dr. Dover are both board certified Doctors that have extensive experience and training in treating the most severe and stubborn cases of back pain.

Let Our Professionals in Kansas City Help You Recover

Have you experienced back pain recently? Has your back been hurting you for some time now, and everything that you have tried has had no effect on eliminating your discomfort? Waldo Wellness Group in Kansas City, MO, is the practice that you can trust to help you when you need back pain relief. We utilize the latest and most effective therapies and techniques in the chiropractic industry to help put you back on the path to health, wellness, and vitality. Take back your life and give us a call today at 816-333-2533 to schedule your appointment.